Fresh Acquisitions

Exquisite Antique and Vintage Finds for the Home

Meet Your Next Treasure

We are pleased to present our newest arrivals! These lovely vintage collectibles and antique items have traveled long. Many have journeyed far. Their destiny? To be placed here for your pleasure, of course!

These vintage home accents and antique pieces are here with us today for three reasons. They are bold, they’re beautiful, and they are built to last, baby!

All Retro Modern Antique items presented are available for purchase. See something that resonates? Follow the item’s link to learn more, order, and make it yours!

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

Don’t worry! At Retro Modern Antiques, we continuously update our collection of antique interior design and vintage decorative items. Follow us on social media and check in often to see new arrivals and grab them before they’re gone!

Masculine Energy

Vintage Sports Memorabilia, Tools, Baseball Cards & Sports Collectibles

Are you a fan of vintage Super Bowl memorabilia, baseball cards, and sports collectibles? Retro Modern Antique hunts these for you, as well as rare vintage items like old sea charts, antique nautical maps, rare army and military medals, and antique hand tools. These pass through our antique shop from time to time, too. If you collect celebrity autographs, stamps, antique maps, and other collectable documents and vintage paper goods, be sure to watch our fresh finds antique newsfeed!

Feminine Energy

Vintage Women’s Fashion & Historic Finds

Royal Doulton and antique porcelain? Check. Satsuma and Royal Worcester items? Check. Do you want a vintage fur coat? Interested in fine classic women’s vintage fashion accessories like mother wore? You’re in the right place. If you yearn for ladylike antiquities, vintage souvenirs, vintage gifts, heirlooms, and collectables, antique perfume bottles, antique country furniture like your beloved grandma kept, women’s suffrage memorabilia, and women’s rights historical items, we may get what you’re looking for soon!

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