RETRO Art Gallery

Hudson Valley, NY

Unfiltered. Uncensored. UNCURATED.

RETRO is proud to be an uncurated art gallery.

Why? Because art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder!

We rescue original artworks. Whether resting in their attic tombs or conscripted to oblivion, we find them and bring them to you so you can decide their fate.

Hudson Valley Art

American and European Oil Paintings

RETRO highlights the fruit of the Hudson Valley’s art hub community. Our gallery features everything from masterpiece quality oil paintings and landscapes by world-renowned French, English, Dutch, and international artists to one-of-a-kind original pieces by unknown artists.

Sculptures – Antique, Victorian & Vintage Paintings – Modern Art

We offer modern fine art and contemporary acrylic paintings, antique handcrafted sculptures, wall art, rare prints and photography, abstract pop art, vintage drawings, street art, and vintage lithographs, as well as unique objets d’art gifts and décor. Our selection varies, but we often see large antique oil paintings, works of exceptional quality from the 17th to 19th century, powerful Mid-century Modern art pieces, and fine quality estate antiques from Victorian to vintage. These go fast!

Fresh Art Finds

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Quality Antique and Vintage Art

Our art selection changes often, so you never know quite what we may have in store for you. Stop in! We bring the art to you at our showroom in Warwick, NY. Grab a friend and stop by, see Marty, and browse Hudson Valley’s freshest eclectic collection of quality art, antique furniture, hand painted upcycled furniture, and vintage décor for the home!